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Commercial Credit Reports
Commercial Credit Reports

Creditnet International is a supplier of Commercial Credit Reports to the New Zealand and International markets. Commercial Credit Reports can be requested by:
a. New Zealand Businesses – for a report on a New Zealand or International business.
b. International Businesses – for a report on a New Zealand business.

Commercial Credit Reports provide the opportunity for a more detailed level of historical information to be gained on a business that you plan or are presently extending credit to. If you wish to gain a level of confidence about these types of decisions Creditnet International can help and you should Contact Us.

Information supplied in a Commercial Credit Report can include:

Companies Office information
- Interviewing Referees
- Default & Collections
Publicly Available Information
Other Specific Information

For reports on International businesses Creditnet International uses its close association with Global Credit Solutions – a network of international businesses operating in approximately 90 different countries that are able to supply historical credit information. 

Companies Office

Information that a company is required to register at the Companies Office can be included in a Commercial Credit Report and will include:

- Company Name (including previous names)
- Postal and Business Address
- Registered Office
- Company Status (Registered, Liquidation, Receivership etc)
- Date of Registration
- Historical / Current Shareholder Names, Addresses, and Shares Owned
- Historical / Current Directors Names, Addresses, and Date Appointed
- Other Registered Documents

Referees / References

If you have received the names of specific referees that your prospect or client have provided Creditnet International will interview these parties on your behalf and provide full details of that interview. 

Default and Collections

Using reliable sources Creditnet International will include any details of historical and continuing defaults and collections.

Publically Available Information

Creditnet International will source any information from publically available sources including the New Zealand Courts.

Other Specific Information

If you seek to obtain any other relevant information that may assist you with your decisions to extend credit Creditnet International would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you your specific requirements - please Contact Us.

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